Twitch & YouTube

Along with articles, podcasts and social media, we’re diving deep into the world of video and live content with our Twitch and YouTube channels!


We will have a great group of hosts, including Aiden Pearson, Elijah Flewellen, Max O’Toole, and David Fackson, among others, who will be hosting Twitch streams as often as they can!

The link to our Twitch channel is just below! so make sure you follow the channel and maybe even subscribe if you are so kind enough to do so! We can’t explain in words how much we appreciate your support!


We’re very excited to be launching our RTR YouTube channel, which will be the home of our podcasts, where you can listen to the audio versions of if you choose, as well as new fan documentaries led by Taylor Landau and plenty more content, including some live content!

Watch out for the RTR version of ESPN’s “First Take” coming soon to here!

Make sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications for new videos and the link to the channel is below!