How Tuesday’s Loss Helped the Rays

A six-run third inning was the difference for the Red Sox as they would go on to blow out the Rays, 9-3, but the real story of this game wasn’t about the performances on the field. This game was about showcasing the personalities of one of the most young, exciting teams in baseball thanks toContinue reading “How Tuesday’s Loss Helped the Rays”

Rays Inbox: How Do the Rays’ Prospects Help Them this season?

How big of a role do you expect guys like McClanahan and McKay to have next season? – @tsutsugofanclub via Twitter Brendan McKay’s health is still unknown after he missed all of 2020 due to season ending surgery. It is still unclear whether the young lefthander will be ready for opening day. However, when heContinue reading “Rays Inbox: How Do the Rays’ Prospects Help Them this season?”