Hand Up- Five things I got wrong about the 2021 season

As about a third of the baseball season is in the books, I thought it was a fitting time to reflect on some of my personal thoughts and predictions from before the season got underway. Ten preseason predictions stood out, five of them proving to be true this year and five that have not heldContinue reading “Hand Up- Five things I got wrong about the 2021 season”

Three keys to Rays’ success in 2021

With two days left of camp before the club breaks to Miami to begin the regular season, the Opening Day roster looks to have taken shape after Tampa Bay optioned RHP’s Chris Mazza Trevor Richards, and LHP Josh Fleming. The offense and bullpen had little turnover from last season, however, the rotation has a veryContinue reading “Three keys to Rays’ success in 2021”

Baseball fan etiquette: advice from a former Fan Host

Elijah Flewellen worked as a Fan Host for the Tampa Bay Rays from 2014-2019.  Baseball fans young and old alike can all agree on one thing: we love to watch a good baseball game, and have a good time doing so. Here are ten ways that you can have the best experience at a ballgame,Continue reading “Baseball fan etiquette: advice from a former Fan Host”

Rays positional Minor League depth: First Base

After covering the catching depth it’s time to turn our attention to another position where Rays have made a lot of changes this offseason. Gone are Nate Lowe and Jake Guenther, and in are many new players on this list (3). The top of this list should not be dismissed, as it is significantly impactfulContinue reading “Rays positional Minor League depth: First Base”

Rays positional Minor League depth: Catcher

Recently, I’ve been asked frequently about how much depth the Rays have at each position, so I thought it would be a great time to dive in. With the caveat that many minor leaguers haven’t played in a significant period of time, we’ll touch on as many notable options at each position, starting with oneContinue reading “Rays positional Minor League depth: Catcher”

2021 Spring Training Rays Minors recap

Spring training this year has been like no other. There was a ton of uncertainty surrounding what was going to happen with not only big league camp, but also those invited to major league camp. Like with every team there have been prospects who have torn up the Grapefruit League and others who were notContinue reading “2021 Spring Training Rays Minors recap”

With Nick Anderson down, who’s up?

Per Marc Topkin, Nick Anderson was diagnosed with a partial tear of an elbow ligament and is out past the All-Star break.  This will force the Rays to look for other options for high-leverage innings beyond Diego Castillo and Pete Fairbanks.  Shane McClanahan has showed off his high velocity and nasty slider in Port Charlotte. Continue reading “With Nick Anderson down, who’s up?”

Rays working to save shifts?

On March 11th, MLB announced a series of rule changes that would be implemented through the minors for the 2021 season. Some were more popular, or unpopular, than others, but all are aimed at trialing what rule MLB may want to adopt in 2022 and beyond.  Fast forward about a week later, when Brandon Lowe,Continue reading “Rays working to save shifts?”

Ten potential impact call-ups for Rays in 2021

What are some probable call-up timetables of some of the players who have been optioned down so far? Here are the 10 Rays prospects likely to begin below AAA that I expect to be impact players if needed in 2021 (due to injuries, trades, etc…). 1. RHP Caleb Sampen (24): He has potential in-season high-octaneContinue reading “Ten potential impact call-ups for Rays in 2021”

Rays Inbox: What Will the 2021 Rays Look Like?

We are somehow almost halfway through spring training, with Opening Day right around the corner. So, what better time than now for our second Rays Inbox! Let’s dive in: Starting rotation please? I heard they could just have an opener on opening day, why wouldn’t Glasnow pitch? – @Suzanne543 via Twitter As much as theContinue reading “Rays Inbox: What Will the 2021 Rays Look Like?”