Rays hope home cooking can turn the tide

The Rays started off their first road trip of the season with two straight wins, one of which was due to a clutch Joey Wendle three run homerun in the top of the ninth that rekindled some of that 2020 magic. The last four games had no such magic, as Tampa Bay dropped all four,Continue reading “Rays hope home cooking can turn the tide”

Three keys to Rays’ success in 2021

With two days left of camp before the club breaks to Miami to begin the regular season, the Opening Day roster looks to have taken shape after Tampa Bay optioned RHP’s Chris Mazza Trevor Richards, and LHP Josh Fleming. The offense and bullpen had little turnover from last season, however, the rotation has a veryContinue reading “Three keys to Rays’ success in 2021”

Rays Inbox: What Will the 2021 Rays Look Like?

We are somehow almost halfway through spring training, with Opening Day right around the corner. So, what better time than now for our second Rays Inbox! Let’s dive in: Starting rotation please? I heard they could just have an opener on opening day, why wouldn’t Glasnow pitch? – @Suzanne543 via Twitter As much as theContinue reading “Rays Inbox: What Will the 2021 Rays Look Like?”

Five Takeaways from Game 1 of Spring Training

On Sunday afternoon, just after 1:05 P.M. local time, Rays baseball had returned as Chris Ellis slung the first pitch in for a ball (which turned out to be a trend that would continue for the rest of the day, more on that later). However, there was something different about this Rays game; something thatContinue reading “Five Takeaways from Game 1 of Spring Training”

Rays Inbox: How Do the Rays’ Prospects Help Them this season?

How big of a role do you expect guys like McClanahan and McKay to have next season? – @tsutsugofanclub via Twitter Brendan McKay’s health is still unknown after he missed all of 2020 due to season ending surgery. It is still unclear whether the young lefthander will be ready for opening day. However, when heContinue reading “Rays Inbox: How Do the Rays’ Prospects Help Them this season?”