About Us

We are Rays The Roof

& The Future of Rays Fandom Lives Here!

This idea was actually one that started between three Tampa Bay Rays fans: Alex Murphy, Evan Lynch and his brother, Denny. It was going to be called Rayswatch, which is a fantastic idea that we’ll use in the future, but it never manifested past an idea.

Things took a turn in August 2020, in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as Alex and Evan brought along Evan “Gibby” Gibson and Rays The Roof was born!

Over the next few months, as the Rays made a push toward the postseason and eventually, the World Series, the podcast continued to grow and in the offseason, RTR evolved, bringing on new guests and now, RTR is everything Rays, made by the Rays fan for the Rays fan!

We are so excited that you have jumped on for the ride with us as we continue to grow and hopefully, forever change the Rays fanbase as we know it!

It’s definitely a big goal for us, but we’re going to do everything we can to make that goal a reality!

As always, Rays Up!

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