WATCH: Brandon Lowe hits his first home run of 2021

Tampa Bay Rays second baseman Brandon Lowe began the 2021 season in a funk, a similar one to that of the second half of last season and through the playoffs.

However, he might have turned the corner Wednesday night, something that many Rays fans have been waiting for as Lowe hit a solo home run in the ninth inning, his first home run this season, in a 5-1 loss to the Texas Rangers.

Score aside, Lowe came into Monday’s series opener against Texas with a .179 average and then went 0-for-4, dropping it to a season-low .156.

Tuesday and Wednesday have fared much better for one of Tampa Bay’s best offensive threats, going 3-for-8 with the aforementioned home run, and his average now sits at .200 with a .644 OPS.

Lowe has made up for his offensive struggles with some stellar defensive plays in the early going, so here’s hoping this recent burst will help jumpstart his bat.

It was really nice to see him circling the bases again because his bat has been missed dearly so far. As Lowe goes, the Rays go for sure.

The Rays desperately need it as they’ve managed to score 5 runs in three games against a pitching staff that is not only without Lance Lynn, but also posted a 5.02 team ERA in 2020.

Thursday night’s game is a must-win in the early season for sure, and let’s hope the Rays can pull one through.

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